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All students must be cleared and registered prior to each sports season. View the list below to ensure your student is properly cleared.

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Our Mission

The Union Mine Athletic Department is committed to the relentless and fearless pursuit of improvement and achievement on and off the field, court, track, mat, or swim deck. Our student athletes do this by encouraging each other and exemplifying integrity, perseverance, unity, and empathy in all phases of life. Our goal is to build a unified and winning Athletic Program as we strive for excellence in all personal, academic and athletic endeavors.



Union Mine High School, as a member of the California Interscholastic Federation is committed to providing a positive environment for students, coaches, and spectators. Athletics are a part of the educational experience that emphasizes fairness, respect, ethics, and good citizenship. So, as you support Union Mine Athletics this season, please keep in mind that the theme of high school athletics is friendly competition and sportsmanship. Positive comments, encouragement, and cheering for your team are great ways to show support. Negative comments, taunting, berating, and booing the opponents and/or officials is not appropriate and undermines the values we seek to instill in our youth. The pressure to win is not placed above education, character development, academic, social, emotional, physical, and ethical well-being of the student-athlete.


“After each game we want our opponent, the officials and their administration to complement us on how hard we play and the way we conduct ourselves. Entering the stadium, during the course of the game and as we leave, we are respectful of the sport, of the opposing team and school we are visiting. Demonstrating sportsmanship at the highest level is of the utmost importance. We are given an amazing opportunity in athletics to represent our school, district and community in a positive way.”

Have a great season.